Ring in the New Year with these surprising (and great) facts about the MEM program


With the prestige of the Northwestern and McCormick names backing the Master of Engineering Management program, it’s no surprise that MEM  attracts some of the top (or soon to be top) engineering managers in the country. Here are a few facts about the program you might not know:

  • The MEM program only accepts about 1 in 6 applicants. That’s just a hair over 15%. In other words, we are as selective as some of the best MBA programs in the country.
  • About 20% of our MEM students already have advanced degrees. Some of those have PhD and some even have MBA degrees.
  • The program first started in the seventies and is one of the oldest MEM programs in the country. This year the program will be celebrating 35 years with McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.
  • A strict work experience requirement of at least three years is unique among almost all MEM programs in the country.
  • We have had many very successful alums who are now working in industries all over the world.

So is 2014 finally the year you take the next step and apply to be among that top 15%? The choice is yours. Find out more by attending the January 28 infosession in Evanston, IL.

We hope to see you there!

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