MEM Degree FAQ

What is engineering management?

Engineering management is a specialized form of management that deals specifically with engineering projects. A few examples of engineering management positions include new product strategy analysts and systems mangers. Engineering managers often oversee product development and bring together technically knowledge that might hinder general managers while employing business strategies that purely technologically experienced engineer might lack.

What is a Masters of Engineering Management degree?

Most MEM programs offer a combination of technically-based classes and core business classes such as Management and Marketing. An MEM degree develops skills necessary to advance in an engineering career path or even develop an entrepreneurial start-up.

Who should apply?

Students pursue MEM degrees to boost their careers or create new opportunities for career development.  Working engineers can benefit from an MEM degree if they with to hold greater influence within their company, work across disciplines, and earn a higher salary. Graduates of MEM programs may discover that they prefer marketing and transfer to a new department and graduates sometimes create their own technical start-ups with their new business knowledge.

MBA or MEM or Technical Masters Degree?

Prospective students often find themselves choosing between an MBA, MEM, or technical degree such as a masters in Industrial Engineering. In reality, an MBA and an MEM degree offer much different opportunities for development. While both programs include aspects of each skill set, the knowledge acquired in an MEM program focuses on technical field expertise, real-world experience, project management, and design and development. In contrast, an MBA focuses on financial planning and analysis and marketing. A technical degree will most likely not include the business classes present in an MEM program.

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