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Growing up in Chicago, Douglas earned his undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Illinois at Chicago. He works as a project manager in Swenson Technology during weekdays, and becomes a bagpiper with Chicago Stockyard Band during his weekends. You can spot him in numerous parades and competitions throughout the Midwest U.S. during the year! We asked him to share a little bit about his interests and his MEM experience:

From the beginning, Douglas knew he’d want to advance his career by pursuing a business education with an engineering angle, and MEM program is the perfect fit for him.

During his study at Northwestern University, he particularly enjoyed the course of Organizing for Innovation. He found the class readings extremely interesting in a way that resonates with life and his career, and the small class size fostered more open discussions. A lecture by a very knowledgeable guest speaker midway through the quarter also added to the valuable learning experience.

The thing he loves most about his MEM experience is the network of people he has been exposed to, ranging from the peers with distinctive industry background here in the U.S., to the full-time students studying in the program from abroad. It is a great group for him to be associated with.

The word of advice he’d love to offer to future students: keep an open mind when choosing your classes. He speaks about one class he was hesitant to take but ended up as his favorite so far – great lessons to be learned in all of coursework. “You have to have an open mind and look for the applicability to your own career or personal life.”


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  1. Very interesting articles and information.
    I am a MEM graduated on 2012, and currently working at Nokia in Illinois. I would love to share some experiences how MEM helped me during my professional experience

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