Student Spotlight: Katie Kollhoff

1_standing_cropped.jpgCurrent MEM student, Katie Kollhoff is originally from Beloit, Kansas. She attended the University of Kansas where she double majored in Chemical Engineering and Spanish Language and Literature. Her engineering background brought her to Northwestern where she became Senior Safety Engineer for the Offices for Research Safety. Not one to sit around, Katie is very active in her free time. She loves rock climbing, roasting coffee, cooking, and exploring the various neighborhoods and cuisines Chicago has to offer. Katie and her dog, Laika, are also training to be an urban search and rescue team! We asked her to share a little bit about her interests and her MEM experience.

Have you had a favorite class or professor so far?
Like with foods, there’s no way to pick a favorite! Each professor’s professional experience and life story brings a unique perspective to the classroom.

What’s your favorite technology company?
My current favorite is Lilac Solutions! In winter quarter, my MEM 405 group developed a marketing strategy for Lilac Solutions, a startup that grew out of Northwestern University. They are positioning themselves to provide novel extraction technology to the lithium mining industry.

What has been your favorite thing about MEM?
I’ve been noticing especially lately how much the MEM program stimulates new thought patterns, encourages wider and deeper analysis of what’s in front of and around us, and highlights and even forges new pathways for the future. The myriad opportunities, workshops, class projects, conversations during breaks, presentations, events, and people add nuance to the curriculum experience in a way that I’m finding to be life changing.

Less philosophically, I am continuously delighted and inspired by how often I can use something I learned in class one evening at work the very next day.  Through MEM, my engineering world expands into other realms, and I can connect my expertise with new interests, through fantastic professors and intelligent, thoughtful, and hardworking peers with interesting and valuable perspectives.

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