From the Director’s Desk: Owners Mentality



What are hiring manager’s looking for? Why do job interviews of undergrads seem to focus so much on experiences, especially entrepreneurial experiences? Managers today seem to be looking for people with an “owners” mentality – someone who is focused, driven, and instead of waiting for instruction, is proactive. Those who refer to themselves as employees are unlikely to fair as well as those who refer to themselves as leaders. Leaders OWN the results of a project and see it through. They are accountable. They don’t watch the clock or constrain their work to the tasks of a job description. They are focused on one thing: project success!

Owners think through the implications of the project. They consider the client’s needs, competitive forces, and financial aspects. They know how much time and money will be needed and how much has been spent to date. They know these things as if they were spending their own money. That is what it means to be an owner and owners are hard to find.

You may not always have the chance to own a project, but you can still take ownership of your work. Don’t shy away from opportunity. For some of you this will exercise skills you have never before tapped. Find someone who has these skills and learn from them. Change your perspective from one who works, to one who creates. Be an owner.

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