From the Director’s Desk: Should Engineering Managers Code?


Opinions about the role of engineering managers in coding are quite diverse. As a young engineer, I used to write code. In my first five years, I coded a variety of projects from robotics to data analytics, using a variety of languages, including those for mainframes. When I focused on engineering management, I stopped coding anything more complex than an Excel macro or an excel formula, allowing me to focus on the business and the team I was managing.

While I can’t say this is the right answer for everyone, it was definitely the right answer for me.  Coding languages and paradigms were moving so quickly that if I didn’t invest serious time in staying up-to-date, I would quickly become obsolete as a coder. With my pivot towards management, I believe I made the right move. I enjoyed the bigger picture and, in hindsight, I can’t imagine a different career. Here is an interesting article to prod your thinking in this area: What’s the right answer for you?

Written by Mark Werwath

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