Student Spotlight: Christine Laub

©2016 C. Jason Brown/Insight ImagesChristine Laub, from Seoul, South Korea, earned her Bachelor’s degree at Illinois Institute of Technology in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.  During the day, Christine works as Engineering Manager at Prince Castle (a Berkshire Hathaway company), before her evening classes at MEM.  In her free time, she loves exercise, taking different workout classes and enjoying bike rides through the forest. Christine is also a great cook who enjoys experimenting with different recipes and inventing meals based on the ingredients that are available to her. She shared some of her thoughts about her MEM experience with us:

What made you decide to pursue a MEM degree?
When I first started researching different graduate programs, I wasn’t sure what I wanted.  I knew I wanted to grow at manufacturing companies and when I looked into the MEM degree it seemed like a good place to learn about business strategies while staying focused on what I love, engineering.

What has been your favorite part or thing about MEM?
The people!  Everyone I meet are ambitious and love to learn and grow.  The network of people I am meeting through the program is invaluable.

What do you think your experience will contribute to this program?
I’ve had a diverse career so far in small companies and companies owned by large parents and in different industries ranging from industrial, medical, packaging to restaurant equipment.  This has allowed me to have exposure in many areas of business to include marketing, sales, finance and manufacturing in addition to my roots in engineering.

What advice would you give future/prospective students?
Engage with other students and professors.  They are good people to learn from and network for future opportunities.

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