Northwestern Teams win 5th Annual MEMPC PriSim Business War Games Competition

We are proud to announce that both Northwestern MEM teams won the MEMPC PriSim Business War Games Competition in an unprecedented tie with Dartmouth! The games began in early February, concluding March 2nd, and included teams from Cornell, Duke, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Tufts, and USC.

17211934_1404239562979402_3911507814869222232_o.jpgCharged with running a simulated auto company, competitors responded to market changes and the decisions of other teams in other teams.  The competition began with a kickoff session designed to teach effective teamwork for the competition.  One competitor noted, “the organizers went above and beyond to facilitate team work.”

Competitors from all teams enthusiastically recommended participation in the event to future MEMPC students.  They commented on finding the competition both fun and informative, an important balance for the MEMPC and PriSim organizers who facilitated the competition. Winning team member Daniel Pandian said of the competition, “The simulation is modeled based on real businesses. It makes you grasp the fine thread that connects different aspects of a business. That understanding is imperative for any future entrepreneur/executive”.

Competition winners will have a choice between receiving a Nexus tablet or a gift card.  If you would like to learn more about the MEMPC PriSim Business War Games Competition, please visit the PriSim site.

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