Student Spotlight: Tai Olson

MEM_HS_064.jpgTai Olson is a current MEM student originally from Asheville, NC. He earned his Civil Engineering degree at UVA and now serves as Director of Operations at US Heritage Group. When he is not working or studying, Tai loves to read and eat ramen at Wasabi. He can also free-dive 60 feet! Tai credits MEM with increasing his perspective in his work telling us, “MEM has given me the macro perspective of my company, whereas my engineering background made me focus on the micro perspective.” He also credits his professional work with expanding his knowledge, allowing him to share more with his peers.

Sharing has been an important part of Tai’s MEM experience: “The diversity of student backgrounds gives a unique perspective that [I] would not receive anywhere else.” He advises future students to take advantage of this. As he points out, “Your MEM experience will give you as much as you put in.  Try to take advantage of every opportunity to maximize your potential and create relationships that will serve you professionally and socially in the future.”

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