Via Prisim: Marketing Strategy Lessons from the New “Can you afford me now?” Guy

Bono once said that “Music can change the world…” But the “Can you hear me now?” guy from Verizon may have trouble streaming that music to his phone. Because he just changed to Sprint, where he is cheerfully announcing that they have worse coverage than Verizon – but at a lower price.  Read more here.

In PriSim’s courses we often discuss 2 strategic frameworks: Porters Generic Strategies and the 4-Ps of Marketing. In this case, Sprint is unabashedly telling the world that their network is not as good as Verizon’s – but that they’re cheaper:

  1. In Porter’s model, this is a Cost Leadership position allowing a focus on pricing, as opposed to a Differentiated or Focused strategy.
  2. In the 4-Ps framework, this represents a Price focus in Sprint’s marketing approach, as opposed to a Product, Place, or Promotion focus.

Have you considered what your company’s 4-Ps are? This can make a great exercise to conduct with your team.

PriSim Business War Games Inc. runs and designs customized business simulations that teach decision-makers about business, strategy, finance, and leadership.

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