Student Spotlight: Ivonne Friday

12376558_10107624159734594_4708529604910174661_n (1).jpgPart-time MEM student, Ivonne Friday, is originally from Cuenca, Ecuador, where she was an avid basketball player.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Cuenca, before pursuing a Master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering at Michigan State University.  Ivonne now works at the US Compliance Corporation where she is Environmental Health and Safety Advisor.

Do you have a favorite class or professor?

I started the MEM during the winter term of 2016 and my first class was with Professor Werwath. This class taught me how to manage projects, utilize new tools, and understand basic concepts like strategy, culture, organizational matrices, PBS (process breakdown structure), and WBS (work breakdown structure).  It was a great beginning to an outstanding program.

What’s your favorite technology company?

Snapchat, Google and Facebook, because they are the innovators, the young generation of entrepreneurs. These young CEO’s are creating a new way of living, thinking, and doing things.

What has been the best part of MEM?

Since I started my journey in the MEM Program, my professional vision has grown exponentially.  The program has helped me to see the bigger picture of the future and provided me a sense of self confidence. Great classmates have inspired me to always give my best. The program offers strong networking opportunities with amazing students of diverse backgrounds that have provided a great combination of new friendships and opportunities. The teachers have made this experience wonderful and exciting, even becoming friends and advisors. The knowledge learned in the program was applicable immediately to my work life and helped me to achieve better results within my company.

What do you think your experience will contribute to this program?

As a Latina engineer, I hope my experience helps more Latinas in engineering pursue this outstanding program and see the wonderful results it makes possible for your professional life.

Any advice for future students?

The MEM program is an open door to new possibilities that you will never expect. With the confident mindset that the program establishes in the students, the possibilities are endless. The curriculum has an immediate application and you can use all of these concepts in your personal and professional world.  Networking with classmates is key and teachers are great advisors; don’t hesitate to ask them questions or get their feedback.

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