From the Director’s Desk: Avoiding the Employee Mentality


It is easy for an engineer to get seduced into the prospect of a regular paycheck. It allows a degree of consistency and a degree of predictability that makes life easy and comfortable. Live within your budget, a day’s work for a day’s pay, etc. the game is easy, satisfy the boss and spend less than you make. I myself played that game for many years.


Here is the fallacy, sooner or later this mentality becomes little more than an illusion. Entrepreneurs innately know this and instead of expecting their regular paycheck, they become the architects of the value creation chain. Entrepreneurs know that they must understand the value chain and continually create new value on a consistent basis. Expecting that regular paycheck is not really in the cards as an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur conceives and delivers new value every day, and as such they are not beholden to anyone except their customer and their investors.

Entrepreneurs have an independent spirit. They aren’t concerned with office politics, as that is a game they prefer to avoid. Entrepreneurs realize that their next paycheck needs to be written by the enterprise, the direct result of the value they can deliver and therefore extract from the marketplace. My prescription: try not to make yourself too comfortable, life is more challenging when we put ourselves, intentionally, in a place of discomfort.

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