Student Spotlight: Matt Heise

Heise M

Name: Matt Heise

Age: 32

Hometown: La Grange, IL

University: Iowa State University

Degree: BS, Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Food: Portillo’s Bacon Cheeseburger

Matt’s current role is a Senior Piping Engineer at Chicago Bridge & Iron Company. When he is not at work, you may find him cycling, driving, golfing or immersed in his secret talent! He has a passion for performing an economic analysis on practically every activity he engages in. As a result, he will often spend many of his personal hours researching, creating spreadsheets, and watching video tutorials in preparation for his next projects.

Next month he will take on a new role in addition to his current role as a new father. His latest projects includes completing a 3D CAD model of his house, along with the necessary bedroom additions, and an optimized financial budget model for the upcoming year.

When asked about the best part about MEM, Matt responded collaborating with other highly motivated students and faculty. “We all share the similar goals of enhancing our education and accelerating our careers. MEM faculty and staff provide incredible support to help us achieve those goals.”

Matt shares advice for future students: “Ask a lot of questions of your peers, your professors, and yourself. Everyone that begins the MEM program brings unique experiences from their professional and personal lives. Since we all share a common goal of improving ourselves, one of the best ways to do that is to challenge and learn from each other. Use the MEM program and the help from those around you to pursue your passion.”

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