Alum Spotlight: Patricio Azcunaga

Patricio Azcunaga currently serves as the Intermodal Operations Director in Mexico for Union Pacific. He is presented with the opportunities to apply MEM concepts in his daily role to see real life results! A few of the courses that he references in support of his job include Supply Chain Management, Managerial Analytics and Decision Tools. In addition to applying what he’s learned in the MEM program, Patricio has the opportunity to do what he enjoys most: operations & logistics.


Patricio credits the MEM program in helping his career growth in two ways:

  • The courses contributed to polishing his business ideas as courses helped him to understand concepts he used in his job better.
  • He was also given the opportunity to grow his professional network and connections.

Patricio provided great advice for students who are currently enrolled in the program:

“If you have a business idea, don’t be afraid to share it and use your courses to shape it. From my experience, this is the best way to understand the course concepts and get your ideas “straight” by getting feedback from colleagues and professors.”

“GET INVOLVED. There are dozens of opportunities around campus, both inside and outside McCormick. Go to networking events and conferences, audit classes (even if they are for undergraduates or other schools) in things that interest you and invest time not only in yourself but also in getting to know others!”

When Patricio is not working, you can find him playing sports, coin collecting or cooking!

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