Student of the Month: Ben Siegel


When he is not working as a senior product engineer at BorgWarner Automotive, you can find Ben perfecting his Autocross craft in his Volkswagen GTI. Autocross is a form of motorsport competition that focuses on car control over outright speed and horsepower. The events are generally held in parking lots where pylons are arranged to form a tight, twisting course. Drivers navigate the course one at a time, as quickly as possible. Each car is timed, and hitting cones will result in time penalties. The courses are constructed with safety in mind and are usually traversed at comparatively low speeds.

Ben is originally from the Chicago area, but attended the University of Michigan where he received his degree in Mechanical Engineering. As an early Android adopter, it’s only fair to credit Google as his favorite technology company. His favorite part about the MEM is being in class where everyone has work experience and an engineering background. He mentions, “The professors know how engineers think and learn and I feel that the classes are really tailored to us in a way to help us be successful.”

For future students Ben suggests ways to optimize your time in the MEM program, “Be participatory in class, you’ll get out what you put into the program. Make sure to take advantage of your professors and fellow classmates by asking lots of questions and involving yourself in discussions.”

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