From the Director’s Desk: What’s Next After MEM?



Many MEM students realize that while MEM was a great foundation for a management career in industry, the complexities of life in corporate America may require some additional training outside the scope of MEM. Some ideas for those who want to continue their post MEM education in a direction that might help them pivot their future careers and not merely build on them:

  1. A doctoral degree is a logical next step. There are doctoral degrees that cater to the working professional. Two that come to mind is the doctoral program from Coventry University that focuses on design and is based in the UK, but they are forming a cohort here in Chicago to leverage the great population from NU. The other doctoral program in the area that I am very familiar with is the Organizational Development PhD program at Benedictine University in Lisle. Both of these programs are forming cohorts now.
  2. A Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree may be the perfect complement to the MEM degree. By focusing on law and regulatory matters, you will get to see product development and industry from a different and highly relevant perspective. While this degree is NOT preparing you to practice law, it is a highly relevant degree for those who are STEM professionals and want to understand legal and regulatory issues. The Chronicle of Education discusses this topic in detail in its “Law and Engineering Should Share a Curriculum” article.
  3. For those who fell in love with analytics and data science, NU has a great Master of Science in Analytics (MSIA) program but it will require you to commit to a full-time degree program. Other part time options exist in Chicagoland including the NU School of Professional Studies (SPS) programs which are online.

If another degree is not in the cards, please stay connected via the various workshops and seminars on campus including the Kellogg SPARK and MEM workshops held throughout the year. Professional societies such as IEEE TEMS is a logical place to stay current in the field.

Lastly, please stay linked with the MEM program via LinkedIn and Facebook websites for MEM. If you haven’t yet joined please consider joining now!

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