Student of the Month: Bob Clarren


This Detroit native who enjoys sailing on Lake Michigan in his free time graduated from the University of Michigan with his bachelors in Chemistry and Economics. Bob Clarren is a Turnaround & Reconstructuring Advisor at RPA Advisors, LLC and was a former Pilot Plant & Corporate Development Manager at GTL Resources. He says the best part of the MEM program is the “on-the-job” perspectives brought into the classroom from working professionals in multiple industries.

Bob’s favorite company is none other than the multinational conglomerate corporation, General Electric (GE). “Economies are built by making tangible things and GE helps manufacturers across industries operate their business more efficiently. They are not selling hype to build up to a unicorn/house of cards type of valuation. They make physical, tangible products that make our lives better, provide a sustainable return to their investors and add value to their customers.”

He leaves future students with these final words of advice: “Reach out to current students and alumni for their perspective on the program and the tangible benefits from their experience and how the program impacted their career trajectory”. Bob also warns students who are considering an MBA to consider the tradeoffs and to take advantage of the broader Northwestern resources.

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