Alum Spotlight: Kurt Neubauer

“I’ve always said, and still believe, the best part of my job is working on project teams with people who are experts in their field. My clients and internal teams are always changing. Consulting work creates a unique bond between team members, and between companies for that matter, and those relationships can last a lifetime. I’ve worked at Sargent & Lundy for thirty years and it always feels new.”


Kurt Neubauer was recently appointed as Vice President of Sargent & Lundy LLC. Sargent & Lundy LLC is a worldwide leader in professional services for the electric power industry and has been dedicated exclusively to serving electric power and energy intensive clients for 125 years. In his new role, Kurt is the managing director of the corporate branch office in the United Arab Emirates where he directs the office operations and engages with clients in the Europe/Middle East/Africa region, including owners, developers, financiers, and EPC contractors.

He earned a Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) from Northwestern University in 1992 and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BSChE) in 1983 from the University of Virginia.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer and specializes in industrial project development and agreement structures up to financial close.

Kurt credits the MEM program in helping to impact his career growth, “The things I’ve learned and practiced through the MEM program have primarily helped me in two areas, (1) understanding various communication theories that I apply across a wide variety of personality types, cultures and languages and (2) understanding the interrelationships between business drivers such as growth, return on investment, free cashflow, quality, and client satisfaction”.

He even left a few words of advice for current students on how to make the most of the MEM program. “Don’t stop! It can be too easy to miss a semester, get behind, and eventually loose the trail – so hang in there. And when you do finish, tell everyone what you’ve done and how great it is. The title doesn’t carry the same immediate recognition as an MBA, but once you start talking about it, and the excellent university that conferred it, the degree becomes more special and much more exclusive”.

We are sure that Kurt has his hands full as he transitions into his new role, but even so, he enjoys living an expatriate life in Abu Dhabi. He loves to learn the cultural and architectural histories of places he lives and visits with his traveling partner and wife. He also is an active member of the Raha Cycling Club!

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