Student Spotlight: Ranjani Kollur

A former business analyst from Hyderabad, India, Ranjani Kollur holds two degrees, a Bachelors and Masters in Biotechnology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. Her favorite hobbies includes reading business articles and and listening to music. 


Ranjani’s favorite class is Engineering Management taught by David Semb. In this class students are given the opportunity to integrate their understanding of the various business disciplines by developing a business plan and executing the plan over several simulated years of competition utilizing a computerized business simulation. Ranjani says, “I get an opportunity to learn how the business strategies are implemented in the real world. Most of the classroom discussions and brainstorming connects the classroom learning to real world business cases.”

She leaves one piece of advice for students who are interested in or are currently in the MEM program: “Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t stick to the expertise you gained out of your experience. MEM is the platform to learn the business basics. Just having the core and business knowledge will no longer makes you stand out. Try learning new technologies which can be your selling points on your resume. As the technology advances you are expected to know how to evaluate business with the latest technology. At the end of the day it’s all about being an outlier.”

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