Alum Spotlight: Jim Martucci

Jim Martucci is a Lead Innovator coordinating technology assessment and scouting for Baxter Healthcare. He has over 30 years of experience in medical device product development, including electronics design for implantable pacemakers at Cordis Corporation and program management and technical leadership positions at Baxter for the development of pharmacy compounding systems, infusion pumps, device interoperability and usability / simulated use studies.


When asked about what he liked most about his job, the MEM alum mentioned,  “I enjoy the opportunity to work with small, innovative companies that possess a passion for helping patients using new technologies”. In his role as Lead Innovator, Martucci is responsible for driving technology assessments, being the liaison between his team and the general business development needs as well as being a member of the recently formed strategy group leadership team.

With over 30 years of experience at Baxter, the subject matter expert in fluid delivery system, nutrition and renal therapy areas has developed and launched many products such as Automix Plus, Micromix, and Accusource. His combined strengths in innovation, technology, and business acumen, have led to many awards and recognition including The Beacon Technical Award in 2015. He has 22 issued patents and more than 50 patents pending.

As Martucci reflects on his time at Northwestern in the MEM program, he shares that MEM provided basic training in business skills, but with a technology focus (e.g., case studies, professors are well versed in the success/failures in tech industries), a major component in his career growth. He leaves a small piece of advice for current students, “If you are working in the industry, network internally to let folks know you are building your skills. In any case, networking externally through industry organizations and volunteer programs are always helpful”.

Read more about Jim Martucci.


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