Next Generation Mobility Challenge

Net Impact, a nonprofit that empowers over 80,000 students and young professionals worldwide to drive social and environmental change, has partnered with Toyota to bring the Next Generation Mobility Challenge to Northwestern University on Saturday, March 5th. The duo act is bringing these events across the country to engage students in imagining and building the future of mobility. At Northwestern, students will ideate around how we can transform the transportation and mobility industry to become more socially and environmentally sustainable.

Undergrad and grad-level students will work on interdisciplinary teams and immerse in a highly interactive design thinking process to come up with solutions to this challenge prompt. Teams will pitch their ideas to Toyota and mobility experts and receive feedback from them.

BEST PART: the winning team will get the chance to further incubate their ideas in an internship with Toyota’s innovation partners!

This 6 hour event is limited to only 40 students but is an amazing opportunity for students to flex their creativity muscles and gain invaluable professional skills.

The event takes place at Northwestern University, Kellog School of Management on Saturday, March 5 from 9am-4pm.

Read more about this exciting event by clicking here. Apply now! The deadline to apply is February 22. Have questions? Email Emily Lily Matthews at

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