Major Traffic Breakthrough Helps Commuters

Have you ever used Google Maps and your route time was inaccurately predicted – Google said that your path was red but it really wasn’t because only the exit lane was congested? Or you found a lane that traveled much faster than Google predicted?

Well, have no fear, HERE is here! HERE Real Time Traffic helps drivers get to destinations efficiently and stress-free. Available across 100% of roads in 58 countries, HERE continues to add innovative features to expand the benefits of real time traffic reporting. Split Lane Traffic Reporting at Junctions (SLT) is the latest innovation in real time traffic reporting.


According to a LinkedIn article written by Northwestern Alum and Head of Traffic & Dynamic Content at HERE, Tony Belkin discusses how HERE offers a fresh, new perspective on traffic. “Inspired by thinking on how to handle divergent conditions, our team of data analysts and traffic experts spent a year analyzing the data, then testing and refining mathematical models to extract meaning from all these separate probes. The result was SLT.”

Belkin mentions, “SLT uses two algorithms (patent pending) to isolate and measure the traffic speeds in different lanes around junctions. Our Multi-Modal Speed Detection and Magnitude (MDM) and the Dynamic SLT Aggregation (DSA) algorithms process raw probe data, together with information from sensors and incident sources to create reliable, accurate results.”

Learn more about how this valuable new feature is moving the whole industry forward by visiting LinkedIn. For more details on SLT, you can access the white paper on HERE’s website.

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