From the Director’s Desk: You Have a Choice as a Leader

MEM students are situated at the nexus of technology and management at a time in history where virtually every business and business model is subject to major disruption. With technology evolving at an exponential rate, it would be difficult to find a business or business model today that is safe from disruption.

At the same time, many MEMers are entering a phase in their careers often termed “middle management” where people get promoted into leadership or managerial roles based off the work they have done. This behavior tends to reinforce engineering managers to continually work as they have in the past, making a recipe for disaster for the organization at a time of exponential technological change.

Hence your clear and present choice: to be a catalyst for change, embracing the revolutions that surround us or to be an impediment to those changes. You can choose to be a disruptor or choose to be among the very many who are being disrupted. There are many examples of this across many industries, the obvious ones like telecom, cable TV, publishing, etc. I recommend viewing talks from Ray Kurzwell of Singularity University to get a glimpse of the future. We in MEM can be catalysts for that change.

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