From the Director’s Desk: Corporate ethics

We are surrounded by corporate issues related to ethics. Some of these are pretty horrendous, so much so that you wonder how far a company will go to promote the interest of their business. The latest is the revelation that Exxon was aware of the climate change realities almost 40 years ago:

As engineers, we all have our individual choices to make, i.e. how complicit will we personally be in promoting the party line of our companies?

At this point, the level of denial on climate change is about the same as that of holocaust deniers and deniers of the lunar landings. The key here, as mentioned in an earlier blog, is to understand that climate is always changing, but what is significant here, and so troubling is the rate and scale of the change which is unprecedented in human history. How we as a species adapt to and survive these changes is the challenge for our cultures and our times.

Mark Werwath

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