Tuesday Snapshot Nov/03/2015

Here’s your quick rundown for this week:

1.- Microsoft on why we can’t have nice things:

Remember that over a year ago Microsoft started offering unlimited storage to their Office 365 subscribers? Well, that will come to an end thanks to (more than a) couple of freeloaders, some of which stored up to 75 TB in the cloud. That’s 14,000 times the average use! There will be new tiers and if you exceed the new quota, you will be given one year to move the extra files out.

2.- Faves are out, likes are in:

Twitter is replacing its Favorite button with a Like button. In the shape of a heart. The change will affect not only Twitter (which currently uses a star) but also Twitter-owned Vine (which uses a smiley). This effort is to simplify the user experience. Yahoo-owned Tumblr already uses hearts to express Like… Will someone at Marissa’s kingdom get mad?

3.- Tesla is locking its auto-pilot… Again, because we can’t have nice things:

After Tesla rolled out its auto-pilot, which was explicitly marked as beta and to be used only in mayor roads and with caution, users started abusing it and posting the (scary) results to YouTube. Today, the company announced on its earnings call that it will lock down the feature, but did not specify what the locks will be.

4.- “UberCommute” soon to be offered in the Bay Area!

Going from San Jose to San Francisco? Call an Uber, the ride will only be $26. If you are within a designated pick-up area you can now a share the ride and have one more commute option, which is good news for Bay Area residents and employees, as US-101 can get busy.

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