Tuesday Snapshot Oct/13/2015

Here’s your quick rundown for this week:

1.- Kickstarter can’t believe there’s a laser razor:

The “Skarp Laser Razor”, is a razor that uses a laser to get rid of facial hair. It quickly got over $4 million dollars on Kickstarter, far more than the $160,000 they were hoping to raise. Too bad the crowdfunding website did not believe in their idea and shut down their campaign. They have now gone to Indiegogo asking for the same base amount, and have already exceeded it, but it’s definitely slower now that Kickstarter called them out.

2.- Ancestry.com is trying to become 23andMe some years ago:

The public records and family tree enthusiast company Ancestry.com approached the FDA with hopes of using their DNA service to also provide their customers (or are they called patients?) with their risk of developing certain conditions. The FDA halted 23andMe from doing just that couple of years ago, due to lack of regulation and profound knowledge of the relation between certain genetic markers and their diseases.

3.- Now grandma will give you company stock:

Those gift cards from grandma on your birthday might soon be for company stock. Appropriately named Stockpile, is a 5-year-old company that just got $15 million dollars in Series A funding to enable people to buy gift cards that would be used to purchase company’s stock, even fractional ownership.

4.- On making prosthetics accessible:

Loosing your hand must be a horrible experience, but is surely worse if it happens at young age. UK-based Open Bionics has partnered with Disney to 3D-print prosthetics modeled after the company’s characters such as Iron Man or Luke Skywalker, in hopes of better connecting with the kid and making the prothesis more accessible.

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