From the Director’s Desk: Does good engineer translates to good manager?

Everyone believes that working at Google would be heavenly, and that Google is the definitive “workplace of the future”. This article dispels the myth and makes the bold observation about management at Google:

“People are promoted into management positions — not because they actually know how to lead/manage, but because they happen to be smart or because there is no other path to grow into,” said a former technical program manager. “So there is a layer of intelligent individuals who are horrible managers and leaders.”

Does this sound familiar? This is the value proposition of MEM in reverse. The article can be found here:

Being a good engineer doesn’t mean you are necessarily a good manager!

Mark Werwath


  1. I think it is only heavenly for software engineers. Also there is a “Google 15” synonymous to the “freshmen 15.” No one takes anyone that isn’t a programmer there seriously.

  2. Interesting article Mark. This setup at Google reminds me of Bell Labs setup in the ’80s (less free food and cramped spaces). It was all good while telephone monopoly paid the bills. Same with Google Ads. As long as the ads make money it will fund the unsustainable culture.

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