Tuesday Snapshot Oct/06/2015

Here’s your quick rundown for this week:

1.- Microsoft just introduced shinny new stuff!

Things have been busy this morning in Redmond! The company introduced a new Surface Tablet (Surface 4), a new Microsoft Band, two new Lumia Phones and even a laptop! You read that right. Now there’s a flagship full-fledged Microsoft laptop. And the specs are sweet.

2.- The Safe Harbor is no more.

The European Union Court of Justice has ruled that the pact that has been in place for the past 15 years allowing the flow of personal information between EU-member countries and the US violates the privacy rights of Europeans, by exposing their information to the alleged unrestricted access several branches of the US Government have to it. While no immediate changes will occur, individual countries are now free to challenge companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Apple or Google about their practices. This will be a fun ride.

3.- Meet the Roku 4.

Roku has expanded its line-up and now they sell the Roku, Roku Stick, Roku 2, Roku 3 and the brand new Roku 4. I’m all for customer choice and flexibility, but that is getting ridiculous. Anyway, the new device is capable of 4K streaming, is slimmer yet larger. And still lacks HBO. Retails for $129 and you can pre-order now with an expected shipping date of October 21st.

4.- Sony will spin-off their imaging sensors division.

The new company will be called Sony Semiconductor Solutions, and they currently have approximately 40% of the image sensor market. Their success is due in part to their partnerships with competitors the likes of Apple and Samsung. It’s estimated that Sony makes $20 from every iPhone 6 sold. And Apple sold 61 million devices in one quarter. You do the math. The new company will start operations in April 2016.

5.- Steve Jobs died today, four years ago.

Tim Cook sent a memo to Apple employees remembering the legacy of their founder.

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