Tuesday Snapshot Sep/08/2015

Here’s your quick rundown for this week:

1.- Shinny new stuff is being announced tomorrow at Apple!

At Apple’s event tomorrow in San Francisco, to which Siri has not given us any useful hints so far, it’s expected that new iPhones (iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus), a new iPad (a “Pro” one, supposedly with a stylus) and a new Apple TV (which will be Apple’s home hub) will be announced. The event is 10 AM Pacific, so let’s see what’s in store.

2.- Amazon is after GrubHub… And UberEATS… And everyone else.

Live in Seattle? Want some fresh tacos? Don’t open GrubHub’s app. Open Amazon’s Prime Now app. That’s right, starting today Amazon is partnering with some local restaurants to offer food delivery. They really want to be everything from A to Z, don’t you think?

3.- We’re about to run out of anti-venom:

The most effective anti-venom for the 10 most common snake bites in Sub-Saharan Africa is about to run out. Sanofi Pasteur, the only maker of the anti-venom exited the market last year and the last batch we have will expire mid-2016. The pharmaceutical has said it will share the recipe with others, however it’s not clear if the new batch will be available on time. Each year, five million people are bit by a snake. Let’s hope another pharma picks up to this task quickly.

4.- Disney went crazy this past Force Friday!

A Sphero-powered BB-8 robot. A Millenium Falcon drone. It’s amazing to be a kid these days, isn’t it? Star Wars is definitely getting the proper Disney treatment and they went all-in, merchandise-wise this past Force Friday. Who needs a holiday season when you come up with the most amazing toys of the year! The toys are already out of stock on Amazon, so good luck getting your hands on them!

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