The short-lived McWhopper

It’s amazing what companies do these days to market their products. Brands take current events and mix their product into them to become memorable, like Oreo or Audi did during the Super Bowl XLVII blackout. Or they take their corporate citizenship one step forward, like United Colors of Benetton did with their (controversial yet powerful) UnHate campaign. Or they join their consumers in celebrating achievements, like several brands did when the Marriage Equality ruling came from the SCOTUS. And even stand with them after getting backlash and remaining positive, like Honey Maid did.

This is all great! Yes, they all are companies. They all are public. Their sole purpose is to maximize shareholder value. But at the same time, they are making the world a better place with good messages. So what’s the harm in leveraging the prestige a brand enjoys to bring something positive to the world… Right?

That’s what Burger King thought, only to be stopped short by McDonald’s. Yesterday, the first proposed to the latter something amazing:

To create the McWhopper. One single burger to be served at a single restaurant in Atlanta (the city in the middle between the two company’s HQs) on September 21st. They had figured out how the special restaurant would look, the packaging. Even the staff’s uniform. All they needed was for McDonald’s to okay the project and chip in. Check out Burger King’s amazing video proposal:

September 21st is not any random day. It’s the International Day of Peace. The United Nation’s General Assembly by unanimous vote adopted resolution 55/282 in 2001, which established this day as an annual day of non-violence and cease-fire.

All the proceeds from the sale of the McWhopper on this day would go to Peace One Day, a non-profit organization led by British film actor and director Jeremy Gilley. The organization has a remarkable record, as one can attest thanks to their 2014 Year Report by McKinsey & Company.

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s CEO, responded through Facebook:

Last time I checked, McDonald’s was really struggling! It had to deal with the ever increasing competition; figure out how to cater to the new generation; and find out how to make same-restaurant sales to stop declining. This year, for the first time since 1970, the company will close 184 restaurants… 59 more than they were planning to open. And it’s not only in the US. Things look bad all across the globe.

Let’s hope McDonald’s has something HUGE prepared for September 21st. They better! Because they just lost a shot for relevancy, free press, customer mindset, etc. etc. blah. blah…

Maybe their CEO did not get briefed on how millennials work. Hint, they like causes.

10390569_10153018125703728_5495863522455848014_n-2Blog post by Francisco González, MEM Student: Post originally appeared on the author’s Medium blog.

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