Tuesday Snapshot Aug/18/2015

Starting today, we’ll have a new section in the blog that will be published each Tuesday. Called the Tuesday Snapshot, it will feature a quick summary of some interesting news related to various fields in engineering and entrepreneurship. Hopefully you’ll find the new section useful and fun!

1.- Plastc Card gets delayed… a lot:

The popular start-up, Plastc, which is attempting to reduce your wallet to a single card with a touch-sensitive e-ink screen, an EMV chip, a magnetic stripe and contact-less payment capabilities, will ship until mid-2016. The company shared the news to their backers on an email which states EMV support will be limited to MasterCard cards worldwide (at launch) and that other networks *should* follow soon. To make up for the delay, they are giving backers that pre-ordered the device before August 25, 2015 a second card for free.

2.- The Impact Team just released the Ashley Madison data:

Remember Ashley Madison? The “dating” website whose actual slogan is “Life’s short. Have an affair”? You might probably recall they were hacked about a month ago by a group that identifies itself as The Impact Team. Allegedly they were able to compromise Ashley Madison’s security mechanisms and got access to account information and credit card transactions data. The group demanded to Avid Life Media, the owner of the website, to take it down because they promote cheating. Unsurprisingly, ALM did nothing, and now, The Impact Team has hold up their end of the deal. The data is out in the open. It will be only matter of days or less before we start learning of some high-profile names that had an account with the site.

3.- G is for Google, and O is for OnHub:

Google has a lot going on! Last week they became a wholly-owned subsidiary of a new company called Alphabet. And now they launched a new router called OnHub. Through a partnership with TP-Link (other vendors expected soon) Google is now posed to fix the annoying part of our internet experience. Our cheap routers. They created an intelligent, aesthetic and future-proof router… Which sounds a lot like what Eero is trying to do. Except, Google has the money to skip the crowdfunding and just sell the thing. Available 8/31, let’s wait for the reviews.

4.- Boys have the blue pill. Now girls have a pink pill:

Today, the FDA approved Addyi. This is the first prescription drug intended to boost sexual desire in women. The new drug, which has a lot of side-effects (the worst being that if you mix it with alcohol it can dangerously lower blood pressure), does not work as its blue counterpart, as continued intake is required for it to work. It will take some time for it to popularize (and for Jake Gyllenhaal to make a movie about it), so only time will tell if it gets the same success.

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