MEM Students Participate in MEMPC PriSim Business War Games and Chicago Sinfonietta/Accenture Competitions


This winter, the MEM Program is participating in two competitions: the MEMPC PriSim Business War Games Competition and the Chicago Sinfonietta/Accenture Competition.

The MEMPC PriSim Business War Games Competition will feature teams made up of six participants, comprised of students from the seven MEMPC schools. Each team will play the role of a management team put in charge of an automobile company. The teams will begin with three vehicles and must decide how to strategically market their products so as to yield the best results. The competition will begin Monday, February 2, 2015, and finish up Thursday, March 5, 2015. Each member of the winning team will be awarded a Nexus 7 WiFi Tablet.

The Chicago Sinfonietta/Accenture Competition participants are comprised of Northwestern students and Northwestern graduate school alumni from any program. This competition is designed to generate business and marketing ideas that will increase revenue for the Chicago Sinfonietta. Teams of two to four people will have access to financials, personnel, audits, and other real-world information necessary to come up with unique business plans. The top three teams will be asked to present their ideas to a distinguished panel at Accenture’s offices in downtown Chicago. The winning team will split a cash prize of $1,000 and will be awarded 10 Chicago Sinfonietta concert tickets (per person) as well as a networking dinner with Accenture Directors.

Competition results will be posted when available. Good luck, participants!

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