The 10 Fields With The Most Job Openings

lookingforajobWith the economy in recovery mode for the last several years, many job seekers have had a difficult time finding work. Indeed, it seemed to be a hiring manager’s market, but that appears to be changing. According to Fortune, there are 3 million job openings in the U.S., and although hiring is on the rise, companies are still having difficulty filling all those positions. “Job seekers are gaining leverage, since the rate of workers being hired isn’t keeping up with the frequency and volume of job ads,” says Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder’s CEO. However, it might help to know what fields have the highest demand for workers, right?

CareerBuilder apparently agreed, as the company and its job-market research branch Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) set out to determine exactly that, taking into consideration advertised pay, annual salaries as broken down to their hourly rates while sifting through data from about 90 sources and comparing the average number of new hires per month with the number of advertised openings in about 700 occupations.

After all that research, CareerBuilder has determined that the 10 fields with the most job openings are:

screen-shot-2014-12-02-at-3-24-58-pmThese 10 fields are also expected to continue growing in 2015, especially the marketing and healthcare industries. But keep in mind, this data is only reflective of jobs that were actually posted. Many jobs, especially managerial positions, are filled by word of mouth, so check the job boards, but also keep your ears open to opportunity!

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