Why Should You Get an MEM Degree?

photo-9-woman-smile-interviewAre you an engineer? Are you an engineer who’d like to move up into the realm of management? Then you may want to consider an MEM degree. Master’s in Engineering Management programs (like the one at Northwestern) are geared specifically toward engineers who want to enhance their procedural know-how while learning business strategy and developing key leadership skills.

The MEM Program at Northwestern is one of the oldest programs of its kind and is one of the founding members of the MEMPC. Enrollment is highly selective; all the students in the MEM program are or have been practicing engineers for at least three years prior to joining the program, so there are many opportunities to network with experienced peers in the same field. The NU MEM Program also boasts a highly knowledgeable faculty with decades of real-world experience working with some of the biggest and most tech-savvy companies in the world.

As a result, graduates finish the program with all the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world. Just ask Jessica, a graduate from the MEM Class of 2011:

Jessica.Irons_Head Shot“I started with Eclipse Combustion in Rockford, IL in November of 2013. Eclipse is a manufacturer of industrial heating equipment–from concept to design, to commercialization, to customizing products for customers. We even have a division dedicated to combustion safety. My role is as a Senior Product Planning Analyst, in the corporate engineering department. It’s a perfect combination of engineering and marketing; my two areas of experience. I am in charge of cleaning up and maintaining our product catalog; helping with the commercialization of new products; analyzing current sales data to create road maps for the future of our products; improving processes; product pricing; and just recently, I was assigned to manage a set of three engineers who will be responsible for helping me with catalog and product maintenance. Just about 10 months in, and I’m already becoming really involved in the company, the business, and being considered a “go to” resource on many things!  Plus, my experience with “men vs. women” in engineering has been MUCH more positive here than it was at my previous company (I don’t know if you remember but I wrote a blog about the experience I had at my past company).  The leadership skills I learned in the MEM Program are respected and desired!”

Click here to learn more about the MEM Program at Northwestern University!

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