Introducing New Adjunct Lecturer Peggy Matson!

"Throughout my career, I've always sought out the new stuff, the challenges that have never been done before." -- Peggy Matson
Throughout my career, I’ve always sought out the new stuff, the challenges that have never been done before.” — Peggy Matson

We are pleased to announce that a new face will be joining the MEM faculty as of the winter term: Prof. Peggy Matson!

Peggy comes to Northwestern with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and an MBA. She can also boast of a very impressive career at Motorola where she has always been on the cutting edge of innovation. Although she has often worked with students of all ages over the years in such endeavors as FIRST Robotics and Techsploration, it was not until Dir. Mark Werwath contacted her to be a guest lecturer at Northwestern that she considered teaching as a vocation. Matson seems genuinely excited about joining the NU faculty and is clearly looking forward to her new role as an educator: “. . . As I have gotten to know NU, the MEM Program, and the many other fine McCormick programs, it is clear that my skills and interests are a perfect fit with McCormick’s mission and culture . . . I’m learning so much, and I can bring 30 years of corporate learning from one of the world’s most admired and technically driven companies in the world.”

During the upcoming term, Prof. Matson will be teaching IEMS 420: Organizing for Innovation. “I’ve worked from the very early bleeding-edge analysis through research, architecture, product development, and maintenance—the full cycle—and innovation has played a very important role.  My objective is to speak of innovation as something that we can all create more of in our lives and that is relevant and powerful throughout.  I will bring to bear a collection of really powerful material that has been written on the topic, combined with constructs, frameworks, and real stories from my years at Motorola (as well as what I am learning from working with new ventures) to bring it all to life.”

Welcome to the MEM family, Peggy!

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