AMPY: A NUvention Success Story

The next great invention is almost here, and it’s coming straight out of Northwestern’s NUvention: Energy course!

Anyone addicted to their smart phone is going to want AMPY: the brand new solution to charging your cell phone or other mobile devices on the go. And I mean literally on the go. AMPY is designed to store its wearer’s kinetic energy for use in charging mobile devices like phones, mp3 players, and smart watches. In other words, the more you move, the longer the charge.

The three co-founders of AMPY designed and developed the innovative device as a project for the NUvention course where they met. NUvention: Energy challenges students to come up with ways to meet the ever-increasing demands of the clean energy market through invention and entrepreneurship.

As Tejas Shastry, Alex Smith and Mike Geier told USA Today College, “We wanted to find a way to solve a problem we all had: a dead smartphone battery before our day was over,” said Shastry, who is currently the company CEO. “We were all active people, so we thought, why can’t we use the calories we burn while running, walking, or biking, to recharge our smartphones?”

Although still in the planning stages, AMPY’s Kickstarter campaign has already amassed more than double the $100k they had hoped to gain from their investors, and been voted the Tech Crowd Leader of the Week on CSNBC. There is still a week left to contribute to AMPY’s Kickstarter, but so far, the company is already moving on up in the tech world, pun intended!

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