15 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs


According to an article on Entrepreneur.com, “the most effective entrepreneurs view themselves as assets. They continually invest in themselves and in their future through continuing education and self-improvement. If you want to become a better entrepreneur and successfully grow your business, dedicate time and energy to improve your daily habits.” 

So here are 15 things that the most successful people in the world make time for every day: 

1. Eat breakfast. Your brain and body need fuel if you want to do your best work. And no, a double espresso and a doughnut doesn’t count. Save the coffee for later and take a few minutes to have a nutritious meal. 

2. Plan your day. Think about what you want to accomplish today, and plan accordingly. If you work better in the morning, set aside some time to work on your most important project early in the day. It’ll only take a few minutes!

3. Don’t check email right away. Email can be a huge distraction, especially at the beginning of the day. Try to wait an hour or two before you check your email in the morning, and limit the number of times you check throughout the day. You might be surprised how much extra time you’ll have.

4. Remember your purpose. Your purpose might seem obvious, but taking a few minutes to think about what your and your company’s goals are can give you a renewed sense of what you’re working for each day.

5. Single-task. Multi-tasking is okay, but did you know that it actually decreases your productivity? Prioritize and focus on one task at a time whenever possible. 

6. Visualize. Seeing is believing! Visualizing your goals can help make them a reality. Learn more about visualization techniques here

7. Say no. You don’t have to say yes to everything. Think carefully before you commit something. 

8. Value your time. Time is finite, and therefore precious, so treat it as such. You only have so much to give, so make sure you spend your time wisely.

9. Delegate. Everyone needs help sometimes, and you can’t do it all yourself. Delegate what you can so that you can spend your time and efforts on the most important projects. 

10. Listen. Too often we are just “hearing” instead of “listening.” Make sure you’re actively listening when a business associate is talking. It may save time later that would otherwise be wasted rehashing old information.

11. Show gratitude. Think about how far you have come and be thankful for all that you’ve accomplished. Reminding yourself of past successes can lead to future ones. 

12. Stand up and move around. It’s been said that sitting is the new smoking. Try to make time every hour or so to get up and move around, even if it’s just to get a cup of coffee. Physical activity is good for the body and the mind. 

13. Breathe deeply. Most people only take shallow breaths from the upper portion of their lungs. However, breathing deeply from the diaphragm means the lungs take in more oxygen, oxygen which your brain desperately needs. Breathing deeply can also have a calming effect which might be useful on hectic days.

14. Take a lunch break. Make time for lunch away from your desk. Even if you decide to take a working lunch, get out of the office. A change of scenery is a good thing. 

15. Clear your desk. Tidy up and put everything away before you leave at the end of the day. It’ll help you get a much-needed fresh start in the morning. 

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