Northwestern’s Student Startups and Entrepreneurial Achievements

140506153730-innoblative-northwestern-620xaLook out, Stanford! According to articles in both Fortune and Forbes, Northwestern University is a rising star in the business world. Ranked among the top entrepreneurial schools in the country, Northwestern boasts a myriad of resources and opportunities for its students who seek to start their own companies. As Fortune stated: “There are incubators, entrepreneurship centers, student groups, specialized faculty, contests, and conferences…”

There are also classes like the NUvention courses. Students from all over the university can sign up for these courses and learn how to develop and launch a business. The NUvention courses are “specialized entrepreneurship crash courses” covering the various fields of science and technology. The students have a chance to work with experienced faculty mentors, build prototypes, and talk to prospective partners. Students also have all the resources of INVO, the Innovation and New Ventures Office, which offers resources of all kinds to students interested in developing their own businesses.

It’s clear to see that Northwestern is doing something right, though: just ask Innoblative (pictured above) or SiNode Systems, the 2014 and 2013 winners of the Rice Business Competition, the world’s largest and most prestigious competition of its kind. Nice work, guys!



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