Driving Change: Self-Driving Cars

Everyone at some point in time has probably dreamed of having a chauffeur. Wouldn’t it be nice to be driven around without having to worry about accidents, wrong directions, or having to do that most hated of all driving maneuvers: parallel park? Well, our dreams of such luxury are not far off, although the automotive industry is doing the daydreamers one better and eliminating the driver completely with the invention of self-driving cars. There are still a few kinks to work out, but more and more cars are being equipped with the technology to allow them in certain settings to act on their own.

IEEE Spectrum, in fact, has dedicated its new blog specifically to the technological advances, politics, and general news about the “smart cars” that are leading the way to those self-driving models. If you’d like to learn more about vehicles that can automatically hit the brakes to prevent an accident, manage the monotony of breaking and accelerating in heavy traffic, and yes, even parallel park themselves, visit Cars That Think for more information.

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  1. Automated vehicle technology if combined with certain concepts from different industries like Supply Chain Management can drive savings in terms of fuel usage and prevent accidents as well.
    I am working over the summer with a start-up that works on these two motives,
    The link above should give a better idea.

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