Playing Video Games Can Boost Productivity

Video games are considered by many to be instruments of procrastination, time wasters, or even “mindless entertainment.” However, these generalizations may not actually be the case. It turns out that since the video game industry boom in 2006, businesses all across the country have been setting aside space for their employees just to play video games.

This is certainly true of companies like PopCap Games, but also of companies that have nothing to do with the gaming industry, like, an automotive information website. Businesses whose employees have access to such game rooms have seen the manifold benefits: boosts in morale, a friendlier work environment, and smarter, sharper employees. You can read more about the effect of video games in the workplace here.

There are even those who would argue that video games have fostered the latest generation of entrepreneurs. What do you think about video games in the workplace?

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