Congratulations to the MEM Graduates of 2014!


On Saturday, June 21, the MEM Class of 2014 celebrated the culmination of years of hard work and dedication with a formal graduation ceremony for the MEM program and several other Masters programs at Northwestern. The weather was perfect for the initial ceremony, and afterward, the graduates along with their friends and families then proceeded to a special reception just for the MEM graduates to honor their impressive accomplishments.

IMG_3035Professor and Program Director Mark Werwath made a few opening remarks about the MEM program and offered thanks to the families of the graduates as roses were handed out for each student’s biggest supporter. Professor Gail Berger followed with a brief speech and raised a champagne toast to the new graduates. Graduates Annette Johnston and Jennifer Wei each gave a short but poignant discourse before the awards for service were handed out and the valedictorians announced. The reception wrapped up with the distribution of diplomas and gifts to the graduates over cake and coffee.

To all the MEM graduates of 2014, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors and urge you to recall the words of Prof. Werwath: “Be proud of your degree, be proud of your school, and be proud of yourselves. Our goal has been to give you confidence and knowledge to succeed in the world of business and I hope we have done that.”

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