Coming this Summer: Engineering and Entrepreneurial Law

Howard B. Rockman, Attorney

Engineers and entrepreneurs are surrounded by legal and regulatory issues that impact every facet of their work, from the process of product design and development to startup formation and beyond, so it is critical that they possess an understanding and appreciation of these laws. It is with these thoughts in mind that the MEM program is introducing a new course, starting this summer: Engineering and Entrepreneurial Law.

Engineering and Entrepreneurial Law will be taught by Howard Rockman of Rockman IP. Howard has been teaching legal courses to engineering students at NU for many years, and is a seasoned instructor of engineering and intellectual property law at the John Marshall Law School, as well as a practicing patent attorney in Chicago. The Director of the MEM Program at Northwestern, Prof. Mark Werwath, worked in close concert with Howard to design a syllabus for the course tailored explicitly to MEM students.

The emphasis of the course is on the application of legal principles rather than legal doctrine and will cover specifically the legal concepts and issues confronted by engineers and entrepreneurs. The class will focus on the basics of intellectual property law (patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc.) as well as on legal contracts, entity formation, and product safety and liability. Information will be presented through case studies and exercises in the style of business school, rather than following the traditional law school model.

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