Happy Mother’s Day, MEM Moms!

When deciding to write a post for Mother’s Day, the initial concept we came up with was to briefly interview the students in the NUMEM Program who are also mothers. However, most of the female students in the program do not have children yet, and it’s not difficult to imagine why that is. Being a MEM student is challenging by itself, and being a mother is one of the most difficult jobs there is—but imagine being both at once!

Karly and her 2-year-old-son
Karly and her 2-year-old-son

MEM mom Karly Miller can do you one better, as she is also holding down a full-time job on top of being a student and mother, and what Karly had to say about her experience hopefully speaks for all the MEM moms out there. “Being an MEM student while also being a working mother is tough. But at the same time, it’s extremely rewarding because you can see the beauty of your offspring growing while still being proud of your own accomplishments. My family has been very supportive in my pursuit of a degree, and very proud of me for doing all of this.” We’re proud of you too, Karly, and of all our MEM mothers!

On behalf of the NUMEM Program, Happy Mother’s Day!

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