Congratulations, Winter Grads!


On April 26, 2014, the MEM Program held a small luncheon at Prairie Moon in Evanston, IL, for those students graduating in the winter quarter. The students who attended were personally awarded their diplomas by the Program Director, Professor Mark Werwath. Congratulations to all of the following graduates:

Ambrose (Lok Yan) Chan
James Du, with a Certification in Project Process Management
Bryan Horan, with a Certification in Project Process Management
Joseph Pawasarat, with Certifications in Managerial Analytics and Project Process Management
Daryl Richardson, with a Certification in Project Process Management
Garry (Gurparkash) Sandhu


When asked about their experiences with the MEM Program, the graduates had some very insightful answers. “I chose the MEM program at Northwestern because I wanted an advanced degree from a program with a technical based curriculum that would help me develop management and leadership skills,” said Daryl Richardson, who was recently promoted to Distribution Engineering Design Manager for ComEd’s northern region, in part thanks to his MEM degree. To current and future MEM students, Daryl recommends IEMS 429: Negotiations for Engineers: “The techniques that I learned in class have had an enormous effect on how I communicate with customers and co-workers.” Ambrose Chan confirmed the benefits of the MEM Program, saying that even before graduation, he “had been applying knowledge and insights I gained from the MEM program to do my current job more effectively.”

The advice they had for new and current students, however, was the same: socialize! Attend more social events like Orientation and those planned by the Student Analytics Advisory Board. Make more of an effort to network and establish better relationships with your peers and professors so you can make the most of your MEM experience. And don’t forget to keep in touch!


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