The Fashion of the Future: Wearable Technology

Imagine: a wristwatch that can record your biometrics, make a phone call, act as an entertainment center, and still tell time; a pair of glasses that can take a picture or record video of what you see; even a microchip that can allow you to feel when your loved one is in pain. These gadgets may sound like science fiction—how many super spies, scientists, and spacemen have you seen in movies or on TV that had a wrist communicator like the one described above?—but actually, they’re science fact.

Forbes has proclaimed that “2014 is the year of wearable technology” and it certainly looks that way judging from the International Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas this year. The event was a showcase for a myriad of new wearable technology, everything from a clip-on baby monitor that tracks breathing, movement, and temperature, to a headset that acts as a virtual personal assistant.

But, as innovative as it seems, wearable tech has actually been around for quite some time. The pacemaker is one of the original pieces of wearable tech, starting as a portable device and eventually graduating to an implant. Hearing aids and headphones are some other examples of wearable technology. And how about the pocket watch? One could argue that as one of the oldest examples of wearable tech.

There are those that caution against the use of wearables like Google Glass, however, with an Orwellian rationale. When this new and relatively-untested technology interacts with the human brain, the naysayers argue, there is no telling what the ramifications could be. What do you think?

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