Khan Academy Classes that Can Boost Your Career

By Dave Semb, PriSim Business War Games

While current MEM students might not want to add another class to their busy schedule, we know graduates of the program don’t want to stop learning just because they’ve complete their degree. If you have some free time, you might want to use your iPads, tablets, or laptops to take one of the free online courses offered by Khan Academy.

A not-for-profit with a mission of “providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere,” the organization has over 10-million students. Check out the TedTalk above to learn more about Khan and the online learning revolution. We think you’ll find the Academy good for refreshing your knowledge of accounting, or for digging deeper into inflation by watching the economics of a Cupcake Factory. The site has a lot to offer for life-long learners. We also recommend:

  1. This great set of interviews with successful entrepreneurs.
  2. The cost/benefit of renting vs. buying a home.
  3. And for more personal interest, it’s always intriguing to follow the current (and strange) events in North Korea – here’s some history behind why it’s as it is.  An overview of the Korean War.

As always, we welcome your ideas and comments.

PriSim Business War Games Inc. runs and designs customized business simulations that teach decision-makers about business, strategy, finance, and leadership.

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