Want to expand your network of successful engineering managers by sixfold? Join the MEMPC network

One year after the first
MEM PAC event
in San Francisco, the organization has
already grown to 200 member in five regional groups across the
country. On November 13, each region hosted a national happy hour
that took place simultaneously across in San Francisco,
Chicago, Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. In case you
haven’t been following our coverage of
the MEM PAC, the group is a joint effort among alumni of the
seven MEMPC (Master
of Engineering Management Program Consortium) schools to bring
together talented alumni of the diverse MEM programs.

The MEM PAC Event in LA
The MEM PAC Event in
Sue Fox with event
organizers Antonio Zarza and ???


Stephanie Mayer,
a graduate of the Dartmouth MEM program, led the New York event and
thought the gathering was a huge success, with “a great mix of
people – current students, alumni, faculty and staff from
various MEM programs. There was a lot of mingling between
everyone  and everyone had an opportunity to connect and learn
about the different MEM programs. Plus the venue was perfect:
everyone enjoyed the drinks, food, and bowling!”



2013-11-13<br />
19.36.18 2013-11-13<br />
19.35.45 Charles Slutzky helped
start the organization in 2012 and also shared rave reviews from
the Bay area event. “We had the alumni that live in the SF bay area
meet at Nola’s in Palo Alto. It was great to get a group together
so diverse in industry, yet everyone was related to technology in
some way. We all had a good time enjoying appetizers and drinks as
many people reconnected with former classmates and met new MEMers
from other programs. The national level sponsored the entire


Mayer thinks that the group gained a lot of momentum because of the
gathering. “Many alumni and students in the area would like to get
involved moving forward,” Mayer’s stated. The SF group already
plans to me in the mountain views’ Tied House in February,
a First Thursday event that will continue on in the future.
Interested in learning more about the MEM PAC? Here’s a bit of
background information: The MEMPC is made up of seven prestigious

  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Duke
  • Massachusetts Institute of
  • Northwestern University
  • Stanford University
  • University of
    Southern California

The MEM PAC has five
regional groups currently established:

  • San
    Francisco Bay Area led by Charlie Slutsky
  • Chicago led by Sandra Waters
  • Boston
    led by Lydia Szeligowski
  • New York led by
    Stephanie Mayer
  • Los Angeles and Southern
    California led by Antonio Zarza, Lena Chen, and Willie

Current chairpeople in the MEM PAC:

  • Alumni Chair, Adam Detwiler (Duke)
  • Consortium Chairperson, Melissa Parrillo
  • Communications Committee, led by Troy Hamilton and
    supported by Alex Reinstein and Melissa Bull

Keep Troy’s name in mind because you’ll thank him when you see the
great tools he has built for the MEM PAC website where you
can register for the organization. In summary, the MEM PAC is a
great way to build your professional network with the best and
brightest engineering managers in the country in a fun and social
setting. We hope to see you at the next event and don’t hesitate to
sign up today!

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