Would you or your company benefit from free consulting services?

Would you or your company benefit from the consulting services of three to four senior industrial engineering students with expertise in systems simulation, work place layout, optimization, mathematical modeling, economic analysis, management science, business modeling and engineering statistics?

Northwestern University students take their work seriously! Submit a project proposal today!

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science is seeking proposals and referrals for the projects to be used in its senior design course, which begins in the Winter quarter of 2014. The students in Winter quarter begin actual work on these industrial projects in January 2014 so project descriptions from client companies are needed by November 1, 2013.

The projects are beneficial to the sponsoring companies and offer students a chance to work on real industry based problems during their senior year. This is also a chance for companies to get free consulting from talented NU engineering students. The ideal project is well defined and involves data collection, analysis and conclusions of value to the sponsoring company that are also exercising skills developed in the IEMS program (mostly analytical skills and process evaluation and improvement).

Each project team typically makes two to three site visits to collect data and must be supported by an onsite company project sponsor.  The duration of the project must be no more than 10 weeks, and must end by late March 2014. Typical projects include quality studies, capacity studies, queuing analysis, simulation, financial engineering, new business plan development, supply chain optimization, facility and work-space layout, statistical process control projects and demand planning/forecasting.

The senior design students are responsible for the subject matter content of their projects. Each team also works with an Industrial Engineering faculty advisor who focuses on the technical and academic integrity of the projects. Results and conclusions will be presented to the client companies in March 2014.

Please contact Professor Mark Werwath if you have any questions, or would like to submit a project or referral, at m-werwath@northwestern.edu or at 847- 491-4696.

Many thanks for your consideration. Feel free to forward this on to other interested parties!

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