Welcome First Year MEM Students—2013 Orientation Pictures


You made it through the first week of classes for the 2013-2014 school year! We are excited to welcome the new full and part-time students to the program, as well as the host of wonderful returning students in various stages of their MEM careers! New students can check out our tips from former students and former students can take this opportunity to remember the importance of networking with fellow students, as so many of our past contributors recommend.

In the week before classes we had a great kick off to the school year with orientation on Sept. 18 followed by the yearly tailgate on Sept. 21.  Jeanne Herrick presented to our full time students on Communication and Culture while Gail Berger led a workshop on The Leadership Model for MEM.

Jean Herrick


Full time students Shengyang Li and Garry Sandhu attended the morning session for a Q&A with while part-time students Anne Hays and Tushar Patel came in the afternoon to do the same. Professor Werwath presented throughout the day on all the things that students needed to know to get started in MEM.


Orientation lasted from 8:30 AM for the full-time students (with the part-timers arriving at noon) until 6:30 PM. Students and staff shared  breakfast and lunch followed by a networking reception with faculty and Advisory Board members.





We wish you the best of luck in the new school year and look forward to seeing the challenges you will meet and accomplishments you will achieve!


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