MEM Networking Leads to New Post-Graduation Job

Felipe Saavedra

After graduating from the MEM program last year, former full-time student Felipe Saavedra returned to Chile to look for a new job. What he didn’t realize was that the connections he made back in Evanston, Illinois would actually be the key to finding a new position back home. 

By Felipe Saavedra

In regards to whether or not the MEM degree helped me find a job—of course it did! In fact, it is thanks to an MEM student that I found my new position.

A few weeks before the program ended Patricio Cofre, a current MEM student, knew that the company was looking for a manager position and he sent my resume to the company. To be honest with you, I wasn’t able to find a place before to start to work.

In the last interview with the CEO we talked about my global experience, that together the technical skills were an excellent presentation and about how useful the degree is. I have to say that 100% useful.

I’ve been able to bring the MEM experience to the company, and with it a new and fresh perspective to the way the company estimates and controls the key drivers of the business and how it thinks about strategic issues.

I know that this is not a perfect company, however (thanks of my experience in the MEM program) I am pretty clear about what steps we can make to close that gap—and even surpass it!

Felipe made his mark on the MEM program by proposing, organizing and participating in the first MEMPC challenge. Read more about his MEM career here and read Patricio’s thoughts on entrepreneurship and networking in Chicago.

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